Onderwerp: SHA2017 nu gesponsord door E-corp!

https://sha2017.org/blog/sha2017-proudl … -by-e-corp

The content team gladly announces having reserved prime time slots for E Corps excellent lineup of speakers. You can expect:
    How licensing is better than buying (by E. Musk)
    Our new holodevice, five things that you did not expect (by A. Smith)
    Cost effectiveness, a priority in hacking (by T. Colby)
    The gig economy lets you live inifinitely (by M. Kaufman)
    Defending our nation with your tech (by S. Walker)

ACAB: All computers are broken. https://medium.com/message/everything-i … e5f33a24e1 "I've decided that you need gray hair and hemorrhoids to be a consultant.
The gray hair makes you look distinguished & the hemorrhoids make you look concerned."

Re: SHA2017 nu gesponsord door E-corp!


Ik geloof dat we nog een half jaar moeten wachten op seizoen 3 hmm.